Introducing Border0 Integrations: Extending Functionality and Boosting Value

In today's blog, we're excited to introduce support for Integrations in Border0. Integrations allow Border0 administrators to further extend the Border0 functionality into various third-party tools and products, making it easier for you to get more value out of the Border0 access platform.

Over the last year, we've been working hard to make Border0 easy to use and manage and make it easy to access any of the services you need access to under the right conditions. Helping you on your zero trust journey. While working closely with our partners, we've learned that many of you'd like to integrate with your existing tools and services. So we're excited to announce that we're now officially supporting integrations. Think of integrations as plugins, an easy way to extend the Border0 functionality to your existing tools and vice versa!

Integrations at a Glance

A typical integration is used either as part of the Policy engine or as a custom notification. I.e, those are the two places where you can now 'hook' in with 3rd party services! As of today, we support four integrations: PagerDuty Notification integration, PagerDuty Policy Integration, HTTP Policy Integration, and CloudWatch Notifications, with more in the pipeline.

Policy integration

The Border0 policy language allows Border0 administrators to define who should have access to what resources under certain conditions. We call these conditions the Three W's. Who (what SSO identity), Where (IP addresses and/or country definitions), and When (time of day and date ranges). And though this is a great starting point and a significant step up from your good old firewall, there may be additional conditions, custom logic, and data you'd like to include in your policy.

This is where policy integrations come in! Imagine being able to write a policy that calls an external service, such as Pagerduty or your own custom API,  and allows you to define additional access control rules based on conditions found in these services! Pretty powerful, right!?

Notification integration

Recently, we introduced notifications support, enabling users to set up notification rules for events like logins or audit events. The built-in notification features support email and webhook (Slack) notifications. 

However, some users need these logs to go to other third-party services.   With notification integrations, we can now easily support this. Starting with PagerDuty and CloudWatch, it's now incredibly easy to route all audit and login events to these third-party services and process them there, as you may already do with existing logs.

Getting started with integrations

Activating an integration is easy. Simply visit the Integration sections under “organization settings” and select the integration you’re interested in.

Creating a new integration

Each integration provides a simple step-by-step walkthrough for setting up the specific plugin. We've automated as much as possible for your convenience. For instance, the AWS CloudWatch logs integration comes bundled with an AWS CloudFormation stack with everything you need. As always, all details are documented on our documentation page. If you need additional assistance, don't hesitate to join our community Slack channel. We're always ready to help you get started.

Cloudwatch Integration overview

Wrap up

Integrating Border0 with your existing tools opens up a world of possibilities for advanced access control and notifications. This enhanced functionality and Border0's secure, efficient access platform ensure you get the most value out of your Border0 experience. With more integrations on the way, we're continually working to help you streamline your processes and improve your productivity. Stay tuned for more updates, and happy integrating!

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