At Border0, we take security seriously and understand the importance of trust when it comes to protecting our customers' data.

We believe that by being transparent and open about our security practices, we can earn your trust and confidence in our ability to protect your data. That's why we offer a Trust Report page, where you can see the real-time status of our security monitoring and compliance process. This includes information on our Compliance certifications, controls, and practices to ensure your data's safety and security.

We invite you to visit our Trust Report page and see for yourself the steps we're taking to ensure the safety and security of your data:


We operate a globally distributed and highly available set of services in the cloud, so you don’t have to. We aim to achieve world-class availability (99.99%)  and performance, have a public status page with our uptime, and will provide transparent reports of downtime.Check out our real-time and public status page:


By using Border0 you are entrusting us to secure all of your connections and your data and we take that responsibility very seriously.


Our infrastructure lives inside AWS’s data centers which meet several compliance standards, including;  SOC II, NIST, and PCI certification. We adhere to the shared responsibility model and deploy our own set of security practices and procedures in the areas we run and operate.
See our public Trust page for the status of the Border0 compliance program:

Frictionless secure access to your infrastructure so you can build, code, deploy, and manage without security risk and compliance worries.
Frictionless secure access to your infrastructure so you can build, code, deploy, and manage without security risk and compliance worries.

Vulnerability Disclosures

We welcome security disclosures on our product and services. To responsibly report please email .


We are 100% committed to NOT selling or providing any information about our customers and will use the data solely for improving the efficacy of our service.

Product Security

We follow modern security practices and policies for code review, build time security, runtime security, and incident response. All builds are scanned for vulnerabilities throughout the process, all code is scanned for miss-configurations, code is backed up, and privileged access is limited (see below).

Company Security

  • Although we have an office in Vancouver we adhere to a BeyondCorp model where we assume all our employees have the same security posture irrespective of location.

  • We eat our own steak, not dog-food. We are our own biggest critic when it comes to secure distributed access to our resources. The Border0 product is used for all employee access to all resources for administration and troubleshooting and critical access is limited to a small group of top-level administrators.

  • All of the infrastructure we operate is in AWS data-centers and complies with several standards when it comes to physical access. We don’t even have access to our own infrastructure :).

  • All employees are required and we enforce Multi-factor authentication for ALL services.

For any other questions on our security please email

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