Looking Back at an Incredible 2023

🚀 As 2023 draws to a close, we reflect on an extraordinary year at Border0 filled with remarkable achievements.

We deeply appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with each and every one of you. On behalf of the entire Border0 team, we extend our warmest wishes for a joyful holiday season and a phenomenal 2024! Let's revisit some of our favorite milestones as we wrap up this memorable year.

We got to meet many of you at re:Invent!

Border0 crew at Re:Invent23

Our time at re:Invent remains fresh in our minds. We cherished the opportunity to meet many of you, engage in inspiring conversations, and showcase our cutting-edge demos. We even had an AWS celebrity stop by our booth! The overwhelmingly positive feedback has fueled our enthusiasm for the upcoming year!

Border0 Client Portal

Our web based client portal was one of the most popular new features this year, and we're excited to see it being shared far and wide! This intuitive, user-friendly web interface makes it easy for you and your team to discover and connect to all your infrastructure services. "I must admit, I'm using the CLI less and less in favor of this awesome web client." Read more

Passwordless database access

Database Firewall

🚀 Discover a smoother way to access AWS RDS or any MySQL or Postgres database! With Border0, say goodbye to jumpboxes and VPNs. Use your SSO credentials for easy access. Plus, admins get real-time insights into database usage and query execution. It's like having a Layer7 Firewall, VPN, and query logs all in one! 🔒💻 And best of all, no more passwords or shared credentials!

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Proudly SOC 2 Type II Certified  🚀

Our unwavering dedication to security has paid off! Earlier this year, Border0 achieved the SOC 2 Type II certification, a globally recognized symbol of our commitment to safeguarding our customers' data.

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AWS integration

This September, we released numerous close integrations with AWS. Providing you with the simplest and most powerful way to provide secure access to all your AWS resources. Automatically detect all your EC2, ECS, EKS and RDS clusters and effortlessly make them available to your users using just their SSO credentials.

📺 Watch this 5-minute demo video and see how easy it is to get started! Or check out this deep dive with the Border0 team.

Automate all the things!

We heard you loud and clear, and guess what? Santa arrived early this year, bringing not only a Terraform provider but also a Go SDK. Managing and automating Border0 sockets and policies has never been easier! Check out the video below for a quick overview of the Go SDK for Border0.

PagerDuty integration

Nobody enjoys being on-call. But not having the proper levels of access when getting paged at 3am is even worse 😫 time to fix that!

With our PagerDuty integration, administrators can extend the Border0 access policy by including the PagerDuty on-call schedules ensuring on-call users have access to your services.

Did you know Border0 is Faster than the Internet?

Border0 Speedtest

Did you know services on Border0 are often delivered faster than the Internet!? 🚀 In fact, on average, users experience a 1,5x speed improvement when their traffic is going through the Border0 infrastructure! Additional security, control, and visibility shouldn't have to slow you down! Border0 was designed with reliability and speed as our top priorities from day one. Read the geeky details here; we cover BGP, Anycast, Bad Internet weather, and some Global Accelerator!

Secure, Passwordless access to your infrastructure

Throughout the year, we've been relentlessly focused on offering a seamless, password-free, and VPN-free experience, that's a pleasure to use for engineers and provides IT and Security professionals with granular control and wealth of visibility.
With Border0, effortlessly engage in SSH access across Linux, Windows, or MacOS servers, establish direct SSH connections to Docker and Kubernetes containers, and enjoy easy access to any MySQL or PostgreSQL server. Moreover, HTTP access to all your internal web applications is simplified and secured with SSO integration.

And so much more...

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Visit our YouTube channel for more insights, demos, and technical deep dives. Stay connected and keep up with the latest at Border0!


Congratulations, You've made it to the end :) We hope you enjoyed this journey through Border0's 2023 highlights. As we bid farewell to this remarkable year, we send you our best wishes for a prosperous and joyous 2024.

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