Secure Remote Access “Nothing has changed and yet everything is different”.

TLDR: I joined Andree and the incredible team at Border0 as a strategic advisor and cannot be more elated about the team, tech, TAM, and timing of the company launch.

----- We are aiming to securely connect our distributed world. -----

Secure Remote Access solutions disappoint! 

VPNs are slow, unreliable and based on ports and protocols not identities and applications. Everything is distributed everywhere, and today’s solutions increase friction between security and engineers. Meanwhile more services are being left open than ever before, vulnerabilities and poorly set up systems are commonplace, and attackers are taking advantage of these weaknesses as they exploit high-value targets. 

Enter Border0.

Although there are several use cases for using Border0 I thought I would highlight some of my favourites.

1) I need a fast, fault-tolerant, globally distributed, remote access solution that matches our engineers remote access needs, is simple to use, and simply “just works”. The service should also be real-time. When we change configuration or log sessions I want that data to be pushed globally as fast as technically possible.

2)I would like my remote access service to use my centralised identity provider for both authentication and authorization in order to build and who has access to what : when. I also want the service to be 100% programmable. While I may use the UI sometimes, I prefer an API. 

3) I would like my remote access service to understand the most common protocols engineers use at a deep level. These include SSH, SQL, and HTTP(s) among others. I would also like to have full forensics of who did what, where, when and get session replays if needed.

4) I would like the flexibility to connect via a CLI, API, or a client UI.

5) I would like the ability to close sessions at any location for any user in near real-time. When a policy is changed or a currently connected user is no longer authorised that session should be terminated.

Border0 tech is built and managed by a world class team of engineers who have lived through the pain of this transition and are focussed on making it faster, more secure, and compliant. 

But these are all just words on a post. If you want to use it you can for 100% free. Simply visit and sign up for our fully-functional community edition. 

Ready to level up your security?